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------------------------------DEPOSIT INFORMATION-----------------------------------
Caution Deposit (Refundable).
Submission of a Caution Deposit is compulsory for every member before receiving 24×7 access to the facility. The deposit is $150 for the Individual Monthly Membership and $50 for all other membership levels. This deposit is made as security for good conduct and will be debited to offset any outstanding debts or damage caused. The entire amount is refundable, less any outstanding debts, when you cease to be a member. If we are required to use your Deposit to offset debts, you will need to top up/pay the deposit again to resume membership privileges.

General Consumables and Damage Dues (Non-Refundable). 'GC&D' dues are applied to various consumable items required for ongoing equipment maintenance, service and damage. This would include, but is not limited to, broken drill bits, cleaning neglect, maintenance, and on-site consumables used but not declared, etc. These dues are mandatory, non-refundable and are already included into the cost of memberships.

Underage membership

Special approval is required by the Assentworks directors and member chair before anyone under the age of 18 can register for membership. Approval of underage membership will be handled on a case by case basis. Additional rules are applicable to those under the age of 18 who receive approval for membership with Assentworks. These rules include:

1. In person and active engaged parental or guardian supervision is required for any minor member. Only one person may operate a machine at a time.

2.  The minor and their parent or guardian must sign the membership agreement.

3. One key fob will be assigned for the minor and their parent/guardian.

4. The minor and their parent or guardian will need to take extra safety training. The parent or guardian must have training on any machine being operated by the minor. Certain equipment should be operated by the parent / guardian only, not the child. Saw, Wood Lathe equipment was identified as equipment to be only operated by the parent / guardian.


Please email if you have questions. The Caution Deposit (refundable) will need to be paid in person (on a Tuesday night between 6 - 8 PM) at time of signing the waiver and obtaining the key fob.

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